The Taste of Summer

It’s that time of the year again for all things picnics, barbeques, and summer snacking. Toomey’s Seasoning will enhance every dish to be passed and is sure to leave your friends and family coming back for more. Our favorite summer foods with Toomey’s Seasoning are corn on the cob, caprese salad, potato salad, and veggie skewers. 

Corn on the Cob - Roast some corn on the grill, lather it with butter while it’s still hot, and shake some Toomey’s Seasoning on top, for new twist on a classic summertime side dish.

Caprese Salad - Layer thin slices of tomato, buffalo mozzarella, and basil. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Top with a dash of Toomey’s Seasoning to enhance the summertime flavors.

Potato Salad - It’s simple. Take your favorite potato salad, whether it’s from a family recipe or from a local grocery store and sprinkle it with Toomey’s Seasoning. A summertime classic made even better.

Potato Salad with Toomey's Seasoning
    Veggie Skewers - Thickly chop a variety of veggies such as mushrooms, bell peppers, or squash and put them onto wood skewers. Before grilling brush olive oil onto the veggies and season with Toomey’s.

    Veggie Skewers with Toomey's Seasoning